Healthy recipes: 2 Ingredient Casein Mousse

Healthy recipes: 2 Ingredient Casein Mousse

Perfect little snack for anyone before bed high slow release protein, Low Fat, cheap and easy to make!

– 1 pot of Low Fat cottage cheese (300g)
– 1 Sugar Free Jelly Sachet

Add half a pint of boiling water to the jelly then wait for it to dissolve and cool down, then instead of adding the other half a pint of water to the mix (as it says on the jelly sachet) add a full 300g pot of cottage cheese instead!
Blend together, pour into a bowl and leave to set in the freezer for 3-4 Hours.

Calorie Breakdown:
(I used Asda’s Cottage Cheese & Raspberry Flavour for the Jelly):
Kcals: 189
Protein: 27.6g
Carbs: 13.8
Fat: 1.8g

Tastes amazing and really filling, slow release protein perfect before bed, also just to mention you cannot taste cottage cheese at all in this mouse, so even if you’re not a cottage cheese fan, Still give it a try!

If anyone makes it share yours on my page let me know how it goes!

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