White Potato Vs Sweet Potato

White Potato Vs Sweet Potato..

For anyone that thinks white potatoes are bad for you!

I get asked quiet frequent about white potatoes with people thinking they’re unhealthy for you just because they’re a “White Carb”.

One thing that you should remember is that White Potatoes grow out of the ground.. So surely it can’t be unhealthy you would of thought?

White Potato Vs Sweet Potato:

The sweet potato is 86kcal per 100g

The white potato sits at 77kcal per 100

White Potato lower in calories.

Fat content is a tie at 0.1g of fat per 100g.

The white potato wins the potassium battle at 421mg per 100g to the sweet potatoes 337mg.

White Potato more Potassium.

Carbohydrate wise the white potato is at 17g per 100g, the sweet potato is at 20g per 100g.

White Potato contains LESS carbs.

The sweet potato does contain 3g of fibre which is .8g more than the  white potatoes 2.2g.

Sweet Potato has more fibre by 4%..

Sweet Potato contains 4.8g of sugar compared to the white’s 0.8g per 100g.

White Potato has much less sugar content.

White Potato contains 2g of protein to the Sweet potato’s 1.6%

White Potato has more Protein.

White potato has 19.7mg’s of Vitamin C and the sweet potato’s only got 2.4mg

White Potato contains more Vitamin C.

White potato suffers a defeat as far as Calcium content with the sweet potato having 30mg compared to the white’s effort of 12mg.

Sweet Potato wins the Calcium battle.

White Potato also contains more Iron and Vitamin b-6 than the Sweet Potato.

So as you can see sweet potato doesn’t actually have that many, if really any tangible benefits on paper.

From the outside world, without bias you’d pick the white potato surely, right?

The main reason the fitness industry loves sweet potatoes is that they have more taste when cooked in a ‘healthy’ fashion.

However white potatoes will not ‘make you fat’.

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