My Story

Growing up as a child I was always heavily involved in several different sports, mainly Football and Rugby. It wasn’t until I left high School and went to college that my passion for the gym and weight training began, soon realising that I enjoyed training more than anything else.

My passion for bodybuilding and competing really spurred me towards personal training and wanting to help as many people as possible achieve their own personal fitness goals!

I have now been a personal trainer for almost ten years working with hundreds of different clients, ranging from general everyday people with general fitness goals to top athletes such as Bodybuilders, Bikini/Physique competitors, Footballers, Rugby Players, Golfers, Marathon runners the list goes on… Originally from the Lake District (Cumbria, UK), Working out of Powerhouse gym (Whitehaven) for 3 years, I have now been working out of DW Sports fitness Leeds offering 121 Training & Online training for the last 5 years to the present.

For me there’s no better feeling than helping a client achieve their fitness goals, no matter how big or small!

Fitness Acheivements


UKBFF Cumbrian Classic: 2nd Place Junior Class
UKBFF Birmingham: 2nd Place Junior Class
UKBFF British Championships: Top 12 out of 25 Competitors


UKBFF Leeds: 3rd Place Men’s Intermediates under 80kg Class


UKBFF Cumbrian Classic: 4th Place Men’s Intermediates under 80kg Class
UKBFF North-East Championships: 2nd Place Men’s Intermediates under 80kg Class

UKBFF North-West Championships: 3rd Place Men’s under 80kg
UKBFF BODYPOWER CLASSIC: 4th Place Men’s Open 80kg Class
UKBFF Cumbrian Classic: 1st Place Men’s Intermediates under 80kg Class


Leeds Half Marathon