Client Transformations

Clare's - 3 month transformation

Clare’s 3 month transformation training with me where she managed to lose 18lbs of bodyfat over 10 inches from all around her body! Improving her body shape, strength in the gym, but most importantly turned her training and dieting into a sustainable lifestyle.

Shivs - 12 Week Transformation

Online client Shiv managed this amazing transformation in just 12 weeks, were he managed to drop a huge 21lbs (1.5st), He gave me nothing but 100% throughout the full 12 weeks through a solid training & cardio plans, alongside a balanced nutritional plan and achieved these amazing results, being the lightest he’s been in 7+ years!

Jesscia - 12 Week Transformation

Online Cleint Jess’s 12 week transformation where she lost 14lbs (1st), through hard work and progressive weight training, very little cardio, and a structured diet plan eating lots of food.

Chloe - 12 Week Transformation

Chloe came to me 12 months Post birth, She managed to lose an impressive 15lbs of weight as well as also building back up her strength in weakened muscles which usually follow after giving birth. Following a structured Training & Diet plan, She deserves massive credit for all her hard work over the 12 weeks getting back into training after 12 months off before and after giving birth to her second child. Any mothers will know and understand just how hard it is to lose that baby weight and juggle looking after your baby and giving yourself time to train and eat!

Mike - 16 Week Transformation

Massive well done to my online client @mikehaley29 on his 16 week transformation, where he’s managed to drop just over 1.5st (10kg) down from 12st 10(80.7kg) down to 10st 11lbs (68.5kg) all throug a solid training plan progressively getting stronger week in week out while slowly reducing calories..
Mike was once a 121 client of mine, just after he slightly went backwards in his fitness journey (it happens to us all) but the progress and improvements he’s made since quiet simply are incredible!

Brett - 9 Month Transformation

Well done to my good friend @brett_yarrow_pt, adding a good 9kg of muscle on in just 9 months! Following a diet plan I designed for him along with advise on correct training, Brett’s put in some serious work  Big year ahead for him next year we’re planning on getting him up on that mens physique stage

Ben - 13 Week Transformation

Online client and good friend @sedman_92 ‘s unreal 13 week transformation, where he’s prepping for his first ever bodybuilding competition and is currently just one week out.Ben has lost an incredible 28lbs(2st) in just 13 weeks!
He’s only a lightweight but has got a epic shape and a classic looking physique, and has loads of potential to do damage on the national level in a few years times there’s no doubt about that

Johanna - 24 Week Transformation

Online client @johanna_marie23’s 24 week transformation, Johanna came to me with very little experience in weight training, ate very little food, and done endless amounts of cardio making no progress or getting results. In 24 weeks we managed to get her eating a lot more food & calories speeding up her metabolism, built a good bit of muscle, and she got a lot stronger.In her first comp she placed 2nd in a really strong line up of experienced bikini competitors

Mike - 18 Month Transformation

Mike’s remarkable 18 month transformation training 121 with Me. 1st pic is the starting point from the very start at 13st, high body fat (18-20%) & low muscle mass. 2nd pic 12 weeks out from his first ever competition at 11st 11lbs (12-14%) 3rd pic on stage at his first competition at 11st 2lbs (6-8%)

Kerry - 8 Week Transformation

Kerry’s 8 weeks transformation through online training 2 stone(12.7kg) weight loss.

Jack - 5 Week Transformation

Jack’s 5 weeks transformation, Losing 4kg with 121 training with me.

Alan - 16Week Transformation

Alan’s 16 week transformation through online training, losing an impressive 3stone(19kg)

Caroline - 10 Week Transformation

Caroline’s 10 week transformation training 121 with me, 9.5kg weight loss.

(Testimonial) Over the past 6-7 years I’ve really struggled with my weight. I’ve gone up lots down a little then up again.

Phil - 12 Week Transformation

Phil’s 12 week transformation through online trainingPreparing for his first Physique Competition, Dropping 10kg!

James - 10 Month Transformation

James’ incredible 10 month transformation through online training. In just 10 months Young James has lost an incredible 3st 3lbs.

Greg - 20 Week Transformation

Greg’s Impressive 20 week transformation through 121 Training , were he dropped 16kg body fat and down to roughly 12-14% Body fat from 26%

Adam - 5 Week Transformation

Adam’s 5 week Transformation through a one off Training & Diet plan, Losing 3.5kg

Jason - 24 Month Transformation

Jason’s incredible 5 stone weight loss over 2 years, through 121 training, Jason is also a Vegetarian.

David -17 Month Transformation

David’s Unbelievable 17 months transformation through 121 training, After losing 3 stone through training and diet, He then decided to compete in his first ever bodybuilding competition which he won.

Roger - 12 Week Transformation

Roger’s 12 week transformation training with me 121, 4kg weight loss, dropping 3-5% body fat and building a considerable amount of muscle.